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Physical Intervention

Physical Intervention

Course aim is to develop skills and knowledge of physical intervention. Peoples are coming in good numbers to get the training for the physical intervention course and gained their SIA license. For private security industry physical intervention is the pinnacle and for those candidates who achieve this qualification and secure their SIA license, there will be whole new world and opportunities for an exciting career will be opens up.

Entry Requirements

Course Description
Physical Intervention Skills consists of 10 hours of Step by step learning and covers the following
1. Knowledge of physical interventions and the legal & professional implications of their use
2. Knowledge of reducing the risk of harm when physical intervention skills are used
3. Be able to use non-pain related physical skills to protect yourself and others from assault
4. Be able to use non-pain related standing holding and escorting techniques, including non-restrictive and restrictive skills
5. Knowledge of good practice to follow after physical interventions

There are 2 parts to assess the learner Part one is a written test set and assessed externally by the awarding body and Part two is a practical test which is set externally and assessed internally.

Awarding Body
Course Awarding Body:
Course Duration: 1 day.
Course Fee: £80.00.
How to Apply
Please contact BSS Ltd's office for the course starting date.
M: 07450848065, M: 07456308881or write to training@burhansecurity.co.uk.