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Book training for Security Guards with BSS and join the highly successful team of BSS. Hundreds of our customers have completed our training for security guard and then enjoy a well paid security guarding job. After completing this course successfully, you will be able to apply a license for security guard. Before commencing of work, holding a valid SIA license is the legal requirement for every one by law in the UK’s Security Industry.

Course Description

This course has been divided into 3 units, and is run over 3 days :

1. Working in the private security industry
2. Working as a security guard and conflict management
3. 3 multiple choice exams (one for each unit)


We understand your concerns regarding exams, but there is no need to be worried because all related information is covered during this course and our expert instructor will prepare you completely for the success in the test.

Course Details
Awarding Body

Course Awarding Body:
Course Duration: 4 days.
Course Fee: £150.00.
How to Apply
Please contact BSS Ltd's office for the course starting date.
M :07450848065, M: 07456308881or write to training@burhansecurity.co.uk.